Trendy Ecommerce Packaging Ideas

Shopify reports that packaging has a significant impact on consumers – 52% of online shoppers will buy from a brand that sends their purchase in a premium package. Does your company’s packing help promote your brand? It needs to. 

When a customer walks into a store they are immediately surrounded by the store’s branding. Everything from the products on the shelves to the music playing over the loudspeakers helps to cement the experience in their memory. If they have a favorable experience in the store, they will remember it and return, if not to the exact store, then to the brand. As more people are choosing to shop online, retailers must find ways to make that same memorable experience for their virtual customers.

A unique, easy-to-use online storefront certainly helps, as does a high Google ranking to help people find your store. However, once someone has clicked through to checkout and their package is on its way, you need to know they will remember that purchase even after it has arrived on their doorstep. One way to do that is to make sure the box it arrives in is memorable.

There are several steps you can take to make sure your packaging impresses consumers and your brand sticks with them.

  1. First, make sure the style of the box lines up with your brand. Don’t use a plain brown cardboard box for a luxury item. Likewise, don’t use a bright pink box to send fishing gear.
  2. Second, your brand’s name should be printed on the box – preferably in multiple places. Your logo should also be on the box.
  3. Third, the color of your packaging should line up with your branding; don’t use a yellow box with red lettering if your website colors are green and blue.

Fourth, be creative. Not everything has to just be put into a box, surrounded by bubble wrap and sent off. Use tissue paper, gift bags, and other accessories to help set your brand apart and really make the customer feel like they are getting a gift when they open their order.

Ordering online is commonplace, but your customers’ experiences don’t have to be. To help set your brand apart with custom packaging, contact us today.



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