Become More Eco-Conscious with Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The EPA urges small businesses to minimize waste and save money through activities like in-process recycling and packaging design reductions. Small- to mid-sized company owners can do their part to protect the environment by adopting sustainable solutions and eco-friendly packing ideas into their business practices.

Use Recycled Packaging

The most eco-friendly decision you can make is to incorporate a dedicated percentage of recycled materials into your packaging.  This single action will break the toxic chain of industry-consumer waste by transforming trash from the landfills into useful materials. Of course, the recovery processing and re-manufacturing requirements of certain materials may actually cost more than producing new packaging. However, almost all companies can use at least a small percentage of recycled materials in their packaging. Now is the time to get involved, buying recycled bags and boxes, can reduce your waste and help you become more eco-conscious.

Customer Encouragement

America may be considered to be a society of materialistic capitalists, but most consumers appreciate sustainable incentives. Many companies that sell specific items, such as computer or office products, offer customers the option of recycling broken or outdated products at the store. This does wonders for marketing and public relations efforts. You can motivate consumers with rewards to encourage them to return packaging to the store for reuse. This is a legitimate way to get them back in the store again.

B2B Alternatives

The best way to institutionalize green packaging practices at your company is to use the services of a sustainable service provider.  This may include everything from plastic products created from recycled agricultural waste or paper products made from tree farm wood pulp.  We offer recycled packaging, which is great for small companies on limited budgets that want to cause less harm to the environment.

As a final option, remind customers that if they plan their purchases well in advanced, they will not need overnight shipping.  Unless it involves a heart transport or a business contract, this luxurious method wastes the most amount of fuel and creates the largest carbon footprint.



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