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Frosted Merchandise Bags

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Custom merchandise bags

Merchandise bags create an easy and convenient way for customers to take home their purchases from your business. By using quality custom merchandise bags, you can improve a customer’s perception of your brand while helping your business stand out from the competition. Use your merchandise bags for packaging up multiple customer purchases, or use them as attractive gift packaging for items like jewelry boxes or gourmet food boxes that you can finish with ribbon or a custom gift tag.

Merchandise bags features & considerations

Within our assortment of wholesale retail bags, there are many features you can select from to make your bags really stand out. Material offerings include paper and plastic in a variety of colors, patterns and finishes. You can choose bags with handles or without, and even narrow down your options to include only eco-friendly merchandise bags or those made in the USA. Retail bag sizes range from a small 3-inch bag to large bags measuring more than 12 inches. You can always order an assortment of sizes to keep on hand. Pairing your retail bag with a solid tissue paper or a crinkle paper fill is a great option for additional padding inside the bag, or to add some color or texture to the presentation. And for an extra special touch, ribbon can be used to close the bag after it’s filled.

Why choose merchandise bags

While merchandise bags are pretty much a necessity in most retail environments, they can also be used for special promotions or during events as a method for getting your brand name out on the street. With so many retail bag options to choose from, you can be sure to find the right bag, or collection of bags to reflect your brand or preferences. Buying your merchandise bags in bulk will ensure your customers will always be able to carry out their purchases in style and comfort. Plus, custom merchandise bags are often reused by customers, keeping your brand fresh in their minds when they consider future purchases.