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Fabric Bags

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Custom Fabric Drawstring Bags

Special occasions deserve special packaging. When you want an elegant bag of high quality, paper or plastic bags may not be the right fit. In those moments, go for fabric. Fabric bags are not just packaging, they are part of the product offering. Bonus: If you slide jewelry boxes inside and finish with a custom gift tag, you’ve handled a bit of marketing alongside being fashionable. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a beautifully packaged gift.

Cloth Bags: Options to Consider

There’s a cloth bag for every reason and every season. From drawstring linen bags to organza sachet bags, finding the right fabric bag for your needs is a cinch. Check out muslin bags for a lightweight material or go for cotton bags if you need something sturdier but cost effective. Moving a dress or suit? Linen bags are the go-to for travel. And if those fabric options weren’t enough to make your perfect bag, look at all the sizing options available. There are small fabric bags in bulk or wholesale quantities of large cloth bags as well. If you’ve chosen your bag but want to make it even more unique, consider solid tissue paper or crinkle paper fill. They are both great options to add padding as well as style.

Why Choose Fabric Gift Bags?

People spend a lot of money on packaging, just to tear and toss it. That’s what makes fabric gift bags great. Besides looking elegant, the recipient can actually use it for purposes beyond product packaging. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. And imagine the time you will save without having to cut, tape and wrap packages. Then, you can spend some of that time creating a drawstring bag that lets your customers know you appreciate quality. Fabric bags have a variety of uses, including unique product packaging, elegant gift wrapping, party or wedding favors, or even as an elegant way of presenting custom gift cards or certificates. Next time an event comes up think fashionable, think fantastic, think fabric.