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Iridescent/White Metallic Veryfine Cut Blend Fill

| Item#: 431-11-IR
Iridescent/White Metallic Veryfine Cut Blend Fill

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Made in USA   Made in USA

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Product Benefits and Features

Available in a variety of colors, including blends, our Metallic Veryfine Cut Spring Fill is an economical way to fill your gift baskets and boxes.

  • Fill is sold in 10 lb. boxes.
  • 10 lb. box of shred measures 24" L x 16" W x 12" H.
  • Stiff enough to hold items in packaging, Veryfine Cut is perfect for baskets, boxes, containers or bags.
  • Veryfine Cut is a Trademark of Spring-Fill Industries, Inc.
  • A sample is available for this product for a nominal delivery fee of $5.00 (plus applicable sales tax). Please contact customer service if you would like to order a sample. This will be processed net 15 unless otherwise indicated.
  • Made in USA.