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Tissue Paper


Food Grade Tissue Paper

Perfect for using as basket liner or food wrap to minimize sticky situations at restaurants and bakeries.

Pattern Tissue Paper

Our exclusive designs add style and substance to make your packaging stand out.

Solid Tissue Paper

Premium solid-color tissue paper stays consistent sheet to sheet. Choose from 60 different shades, including orange, purple, yellow, and more.


Specialty Tissue Paper

From gemstone looks to metallic shades, here is a tissue that makes your packaging dazzle.

Tissue Paper Assortments

From themed designs to a variety of colors in one package, our tissues can fit any of your needs.

Waxed Tissue Paper

A classy barrier option for special wrapping applications that require extra production ? Like flowers.

Tissue paper by the ream! Bags & Bows offers a staggering array of tissue wrapping paper, in dozens of colors and patterns, like floral, dots, stripes, and animal-print, making it easy for you to add style and substance to your packages. Coordinate colored tissue paper or specialty tissue paper with our other custom product packaging materials for a beautiful ensemble! We have many color options, from basic colors like brown or white, to vibrant options like orange, purple, aqua and yellow tissue paper, plus many more. Not sure which color to choose? No problem - try one of our tissue assortment packs. For florists and food service applications, use our food-grade tissue paper or waxed tissue paper, which features a protective barrier, making them much more durable than standard tissue paper. Our eco-friendly tissue contains up to 70% recycled materials.
If you’re wondering where to buy tissue paper, Bags & Bows is the answer! We carry a vast selection of wholesale & bulk tissue paper for all your tissue paper needs!