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Gift Certificates & Holders


Gift Card Holders

Fun and elegant, they are perfect for gift cards or small accessories.

Gift Certificate Holders

From envelopes to boxes, use these creative options to present your gift certificates.

Gift Certificates

Offer your customers a great gift idea that will increase sales! Choose from many designs and colors.

Your customers will love the ability to give the gift of gift certificates, and you'll love the boost to your sales! Our Bags & Bows exclusive blank gift certificates are convenient and perfect for any occasion. Many certificate designs coordinate with matching tissue and shopping bags. You can easily keep track of the gift certificates you sell and prevent fraud with numbered certificate booklets and detachable receipt records. Choose from blank gift certificates or preprinted, custom gift certificates with your logo or custom business message printed on them (personalization not available on all certificates).

Our gift certificates come with matching envelopes or folders - or you can take it to the next level with our gift certificate holders and gift card holders. These decorative envelopes and gift card boxes add oomph to standard gift certificates, with impressive presentation, such as metallic envelopes or attractive boxes that present the gift certificate beautifully when opened. In addition, if you're looking for holiday business cards, you can find those on