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Gift Certificates, Holders & Gift Cards

Gift Certificates
Presentation is everything.
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Gift Card Holders

Fun and elegant, they are perfect for gift cards or small accessories.

Gift Certificate Holders

From envelopes to boxes, use these creative options to present your gift certificates.

Gift Certificates, Holders & Gift Cards

Make it easy for customers to give the perfect gifts with custom gift certificates and cards! Customers love them because they make it easy to choose your own gift. They’re ideal for fashion boutiques, since people often prefer to choose their own sizes and styles, as well as retailers and service companies that sell a wide range of products and services.

Order gift certificates and cards that fit your branding, then add finishing touches such as a gift card holder to make them conveniently giftable. Wrap your gift cards in solid tissue paper, place them in a specialty box and add bows for a beautiful gift customers will be thrilled to give to friends, family and colleagues!

Custom Gift Certificate and Gift Card Considerations

Find the perfect gift card holder! Want a gift card holder box? Hot stamp your logo to a white gift card box (complete with a riser for the perfect presentation), choose an elegant pearl pin striped box or pick an attractive colored gift card box: navy, gold, silver, black, slate, pink and more. Some even feature interior colors for strong branding inside and out. Or, choose a purse style gift card holder in various colors and patterns, complete with a beautiful bow to seal it. We have sizes for every application: small gift boxes for gift cards, large gift card envelopes and more.

Other options include our professionally designed gift cards and gift card envelopes featuring “thank you” and “gift” themes plus envelopes and gift card sleeves make it easy to write “to” and “from” notes. We have gift card designs for every industry and season: restaurants, retailers, boutiques, golf, pizzerias, fitness centers, doctors, yoga, massage, winter, summer and many more. We even have Christmas gift card holders!

Have a green agenda? Many of our gift card holders and gift card sleeves are made from eco-friendly materials such as recyclable cardboard and ribbons, and our gift cards are made from recyclable plastics!

Why Choose Custom Gift Certificates, Gift Cards and Sleeves?

Custom gift certificates, gift card holders and sleeves are powerful branding tools and practical for customers who want to give the perfect (and convenient) gift. Order a variety of gift card gift box styles to make it easy for customers to pick a theme that matches any special occasion: birthdays, holidays and seasons.

Want a fun promotion? Place gift cards in a merchandise bag with crinkle cut fill for a hidden treasure gift!