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Gift Basket Supplies

Gift Basket Accessories
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Gift Basket Supplies


Bags & Sealers

Designed for convenience, basket bags and sealers are easy to use with different shapes and sizes of gift baskets.

Basket Filler & Shred

Eco-friendly, crinkle cut or very fine cut are perfect for stuffing baskets, boxes or bags.

Gift Basket Accessories

Twist Ties and Glue Dots help keep your gift basket items closed and secure.

Polypropylene Film

Convenient for wrapping gift baskets and flowers, and available in clear, patterns and colors.

Make custom gift baskets for your business

There are many ways to incorporate custom gift baskets into your business, from goodie baskets for special events or fundraisers to elegant retail packaging of a selection of your most popular products. While the gift basket styles and sizes you choose may vary, our wide variety of wholesale gift basket supplies provide convenient and creative ways to combine multiple items into one attractive package. Custom gift baskets can be scaled easily and affordably with easy-to-use basket bags in bulk and bag sealers for that professional finish that customers love.

Gift basket supply considerations

When ordering supplies like basket bags or cellophane wrap to make your custom gift baskets, you’ll first want to have a clear idea of the types and sizes of basket, box or container you’ll be using. Having the correctly sized gift basket supplies available will help you produce more professional results, while helping to prevent the frustration of a poor fit. Next, you will want some sort of basket filler, whether that is paper shred, tissue paper or the popular crinkle cut paper, to provide an attractive base into which you can arrange your products. Finishing the basket usually involves either twist ties and glue dots along with ribbon or bows. For a professional finish, you can shrink wrap the basket bag or wrap with a bag sealer, then possibly add labels or tags, for an extra personal touch.

Gift basket ideas they’ll love

Whatever type of business you have, when it comes to making gift baskets, the possibilities are endless. Gourmet food boxes and cellophane bags full of sweet or savory treats can be packaged together in a luxury food basket. You can create a beautiful spa-themed gift basket with simple crinkle paper, bath products, tea and other beauty and relaxation items. Simply finish your gift basket with a clear basket bag and bow or ribbon and it is ready to be enjoyed by customers or clients. Holiday gift baskets are a great way to present your products in a way that customers will love to give to their family and friends. If your company is service-based, you can put together client gift baskets as a thoughtful thank you for their continued business. No matter the occasion, our gift basket supplies will help your business stand out against the competition.