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Cello Bags

Display your candy, cookies, nuts, soaps or just about anything in these brightly designed bags.


Sophisticated and elegant, they feature ribbon or rope handles and reinforced folded top.

Fabric Bags

Whimsical designs on organza and other cloth bags make them perfect for jewelry and small gifts.

Food & Gourmet Bags

These FDA-approved bags are ideal for restaurants, gift shops, wine shops, bakeries and candy stores.

Merchandise Bags

A trendy alternative for lighter merchandise, choose from frosted plastic to paper with die cut.

Reusable Bags

Earth-friendly, non-woven or woven reusable bags are a smart option for handing out at trade shows.


Rated most popular and available in a variety of materials, sizes and eco-friendly options.

Specialty & Event Bags

These classy options are created specially for spas, salons and fun events.

Bags & Bows carries a wide variety of high quality, stylish, and beautiful specialty bags for any purpose, all sold at wholesale prices. Paper or plastic, retail or reusable, with or without handles, we’ve got you - and your bags’ contents - covered! We offer several styles of professional custom shoppers and custom bags, personalized with your logo and/or business information, in addition to pre-printed and blank retail bags. For eco-friendliness, we offer several "green" bag options - both recycled and recyclable.

Our custom merchandise bags and T-shirt bags can be ordered as simple kraft bags, or clear retail bags, or as stylish, glossy, and colorful Euro-shopper bags or frosted gift bags. And paper is just the "bag–inning". We also offer a wide array of quality cellophane bags, reusable bags, fabric bags, and gourmet food bags, like our tin tie coffee bags and cellophane treat bags.
Bags & Bows is your one-stop-shop for all custom wholesale bags, retail shopping bags, gift bags, and exclusive bag collections (available only through Bags & Bows).