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Sophisticated and elegant, they feature ribbon or rope handles and reinforced folded top.

Food & Gourmet Bags

These FDA-approved bags are ideal for restaurants, gift shops, wine shops, bakeries and candy stores.

Merchandise Bags

A trendy alternative for lighter merchandise, choose from frosted plastic to paper with die cut.

Reusable Bags

Earth-friendly, non-woven or woven reusable bags are a smart option for handing out at trade shows.


Rated most popular and available in a variety of materials, sizes and eco-friendly options.

Specialty & Event Bags

These classy options are created specially for spas, salons and fun events.

Custom shopping bags for retail

When you choose to customize your shopping bags, you open the door for conversation with your customers. Beyond the verbal and silent messaging from interacting with your businesses, you can feel proud for matching your quality products with quality shopping bags. And if you’re looking to buy shopping bags, buying wholesale provides an affordable way to add a personal touch to your customers’ experiences. There are a variety of bag options: They range from product to gift packaging and, when combined with our assorted tissue paper and raffia, allow you to create a simple and elegant presentation of your gifts and products. Not only stylish, our retail bags are able to be folded up flat which saves space so you can store them with your other retail supplies until needed.

Wholesale retail bag considerations

With so many styles of shopping bags, like euro-shoppers and cello bags, you are sure to find the perfect custom bag for your gifts and products. Take it a step further by choosing from our large assortment of size options: The sizes range from large custom bags that can accommodate large gift boxes, to small custom bags perfect for jewelry boxes. Then look at the handle, material and eco-friendliness options to complete your custom retail bags.

Why choose custom bags at wholesale prices?

Custom shopping bags help your brand stand out against the competition. Choosing custom printed bags is a practical choice for your business and your customers: Customers can reuse the bags and when they do, they become walking billboards for your business. Because custom bags boost your business’s brand recognition, ordering a variety of our wholesale retail bags means you’ll be building your brand while being prepared with perfect bag for any event. And don’t forget to consider adding a custom logo label to stretch the use of your custom shopping bags beyond retail.